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Surfing Brazil

Brazil is best known for its carnival party and the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, without a doubt. But many surfers are unaware that Brazilian surfing is good fun and consistent all year round. Beautiful beaches in Brazil are the norm, while some are downright exceptional. And let's face it, we have all heard of the legendary Brazilian Ladies, whom undoubtedly live up to their reputation of exquisite beauty. How about that added bonus!! Yes, it's also likely that you Roxy surf chicks will dig the Brazilian surf dudes as well.

Fernando de Noronha                                                  The best surf in Brazil is on the island of Fernando de Noronha, located off the northeast coast of Recife. Volcanic in origin, the waves have a similar effect to the Hawaiian islands. Tube-riding is the name of the game here with size averaging head-high and reaching double plus that, up to 4 meters. Conditions during the surf season of November through March are excellent, with offshore winds blowing all day long with hot sunny days. For such a tiny island of only seven square miles, it is loaded with quality surf breaks. It's almost guaranteed that you will score excellent waves during that time of year.  Excellent water quality makes it a great dive or snorkeling location.

Cacimba do Padre is definitely the best that Brazil has to offer: a quality tube with both rights and lefts, with lefts a bit longer. Located towards the northern part of the island, the visual is breath-taking. Two rock islets just offshore create a shallow sandbar and will leave you contemplating the meaning of life. Fernando de Noronha is a must-see destination!

Florianopolis and Santa Catarina                         The next best would depend on your taste. The biggest and a bit cold is in the southern part of the country. Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina is considered the surf capital of Brazil by many Brazilians. Water temperatures range from 18C/60F to 26C/78F and surf size averages head high, doubling that in the southern hemispheres spring, winter and fall seasons of April through November. As low pressure systems swing towards the coast of Brazil, winds can blow from all directions, so it helps to know where conditions will be best for which wind direction. Conditions can vary dramatically and beach breaks are the norm. Swells generally are of short interval resembling wind swell, lasting a day or two.

A few semi-point setups exist like Silveira in the town of Garopaba, known as one of the best waves in Brazil. Joaquina is a consistent beach break tube located on the island capital of Florianopolis. Nearby is Praia Mole, which is good as well. Nightlife in nearby Lagoa is good fun during summer and it is a good place to stay as well.

Rio de Janeiro Coast - RJ                                      In Rio de Janeiro city, surf options are limited. The majority of beaches aren't exposed to the open ocean or are shorebreak pounders. Arpoador at the north end of Ipanema beach is a good left breaking off the headland. It's quite consistent all year round. Being one of the most accessible in the city, it's zoological by nature. Drop-ins are a given here.

Further southwest you have Barra da Tijuca with fun consistent waves and Prainha a bit further, an ideal spot to get away from the crowds. Prainha has fun tubing waves, a beautiful setting with a soothing blend of a verdant green and blue of mountain and sea.  

Saquarema is a very consistent and powerful beach break northeast of Rio, that picks up more swell then anywhere in Brazil. Cabo Frio,  the largest town close to Saquarema, has the coldest and most fertile waters in Brazil. This is due to a phenomenon called upwelling, whereby the colder waters of the deep are bought to the surface due to local currents. With the colder water comes more nutrients creating fertile fishing grounds and good diving. The interesting part is that in Brazilian summers, the waters here are actually colder, the reverse of what you would expect.

Sao Paulo Coast - SP                                                     On the Sao Paulo coast, you have some good options for fun, sun and surf as well. The Litoral Norte of Sao Paulo is a dramatically beautiful coastline with crags and coves at every bend in the road. Maresias is well known for its tubes and crowded weekends, loaded with the city folks (paulistanos) from the megalopolis capital of the same name (18 million),  hours away.

Itamambuca, a beautiful nature area with a good right hander, is an idyllic beach getaway. You will find it 15 minutes outside of Ubatuba town.

Itacaré-Bahia                                                         Looking for a tropical delight? Look no further than Itacaré,  on the central coast of Bahia. Itacaré is situated in some of  Brazil's last remaining coastal Atlantic forest. The place is an excellent choice for a surfing adventure with hot temps and coconut-palm fringed beaches. With the exception of Corais (Corals), all waves break on sand. The waves of Itacaré are known for their board-breaking power, due to a submarine canyon just offshore. Tiririca is the best known break close to town. Night-time transforms tranquil Itacaré  into party paradise, with a variety of small bars catering to the hippie and surf crowd. They just keep on going and going until the wee morning hours, making a dawn patrol quite difficult indeed.

Brazil is a quality experience                                    Although Brazil does not have the quality waves of Hawaii or Indonesia, for all that it lacks, you will be compensated by the fantastic experience. Brazilians are a blast to hang with and the climate and scenery  are superb. There are waves all year round and when they isn't any, there are plenty of other options to keep you busy and happy. But you shouldn't have to take our word for it. Just grab your board and passport to check it out for yourself! Boards and surf instructors for hire as well.

Catch the Brazilian Wave and you'll be sitting on top on the world. It's a guarantee that you will not be disappointed!





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